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Who We Are

Welcome. Regardless of your beliefs or your doubts, RUF is a place to explore Christianity and the radical declaration of God’s love. Our hope is for everyone to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and all that He has come to do. We’d love for you to join us as we seek to understand what it means to love God and our neighbor. We invite you, no matter where you are in the process, to RUF.

RUF Staff

Rev. Justin Westmoreland

Rev. Justin Westmoreland is our RUF Campus Minister. Justin grew up in Sherwood, Arkansas, and attended college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, where he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering with BioMedical Specialization. Through his involvement with RUF at SMU and attendance at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, he discovered the beautiful ways in which reformed theology best articulates the precious truths of scripture. Post-college, he served two years as a youth minister at a PCA church in Knoxville, TN where he met his wife, Meredith. Justin graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, and was called to be the RUF campus minister at the University of Tennessee - Martin from 2006-2011. Justin loves sports, especially college football. He also loves to eat, and, as a result, his other hobby is running. One “did you know” fact about Justin: he was once mistaken for a Super Bowl quarterback in a Charlotte, NC post office.

Justin and Meredith were married in June, 2003. Meredith is a native of Montgomery, AL. She attended the University of Montevallo for undergrad and the University of Tennessee for grad school. Meredith is a speech-language pathologist, but is currently taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom to the Westmorelands' small children -- Knox (born January '07), Owen (June '08), and Grace (November '09). Meredith loves traveling, running, shopping (especially at Target), blogging, and keeping up with and spending time with friends and family.

What We Do

Large Group

You can expect vibrant worship, biblical teaching, and great community. This is a place to ask questions, explore the claims of Christianity, encounter Jesus, and grow in your understanding of the Gospel and its impact on all areas of life.

Small Groups

We recognize that the Christian life is far too difficult and counter-cultural to live out on our own and that we need meaningful relationships in order to work out the implications of the Gospel in our lives. That is why we offer weekly small groups, which provide an opportunity to build relationships, to study the bible or a relevant book with others, and to pray together.

Dinner Groups

What are Dinner Groups? Simple. Food + Community = Dinner Groups. The sole purpose is to gather and share a meal. Sometimes it’s dinner. Sometimes it’s lunch. It’s a way for us to enjoy one another. These groups are for anyone. We hope you will come, and feel welcomed and well fed.

1-on-1 Meetings

At RUF, we are not just trying to create a big group. We are trying to cultivate a place where people feel known. We believe that people matter. If you want to talk or simply hang out, contact one of our staff. They would love to meet with you.

Events & Meetings

Weekly Meeting

When: Monday at 8:00pm

Where: Gaylord Auditorium


Weekly Meeting, Monday, 8:00-9:00pm RUF at Gaylord Auditorium. This is a weekly rest stop for exhausted Christians and a safe place for skeptics to try on Jesus. We will have great teaching on the "Death of Death in the Death of Jesus" and good music and a rocking book table this year. We'll have resources to give to you to create a "Death Group" if you are so inclined. You just take the stuff and meet for 45 minutes with your friends when it works (I recommend a lunch or late night), go over the lesson from Sunday night and discuss a few questions. Hopefully, those can be a vehicle to go a little deeper with friends from bible study.

Remember at RUF we believe that,

You are never so GOOD that you stand outside of the need of God’s grace offered in Jesus Christ...

While at the same time,

You are never so BAD that you stand outside of the reach of God’s Grace offered in Jesus Christ.

AND mark your calendar for---

Welcome Back "College Football" Party - Aug 28, 5:30. We'll have burgers, brats, and root beer. We'll just hang out and play tailgating games. A&M and South Carolina will be on. Bring all your friends! 317 Summit Crest Lane, 73071.

Ski Trip: Jan 5-9, 2015 Winter Park, CO. Bring friends!

Faith and Work and Joy: Spring Break in NYC: March 15-20, 2015; Manhattan, NY- We are going to meet several Christians who work in NYC and chat with them about pursuing their callings. We will attend a couple of worship services in the City and see shows and do culturally interesting things. The purpose is to be encouraged no matter what your calling to be able to better connect your work to a higher worldview. Invite friends!

RUF Summer Conference: May 11-16, 2015 Panama City Beach, FL. Invite friends!


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